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SimpLoc Services- Your service provider for the fast and best transcription services-

“Transcription” is the efficient conversion of audio or video files intext form. SimpLoc Services is a leading language provider of transcription services located in India. At SimpLoc Services, we offer error-free transcription services for both video and audio with quick turnaround time at best market price.

Providing transcription of an audio/video in a different language has two key steps:
Step1: Native linguist watches or listens to the recording and converts into written text form.
Step2: As per project requirement, the text can then be translated into target language by one of our professional native translators.

Types of Transcription

As a leading transcription service provider we provide error free transcription in following fields.

Audio transcription

Video transcription

Medical transcription

Business transcription

Conference transcription

Interview transcription

Market research transcription